Volunteer Highlight

Without our dedicated volunteers, Operation Straight Spine would not be possible. We sincerely thank them for contributing their time, talents and resources to our mission.

(alphabetical order by last name)

Meera Alexander, MD, FRCS – Anaesthesia

Sajili Bacallo – Globus Medical Inc

Marian Barry, RN

Bobby Bhatti, MD

Francesco Cacciola, MD – Neurosurgeon

Naveen Canchi, MD, FRCS – Anaesthesia

Samantha Cerbone

Laboni Choudhury, MD

Lucy Dancy, MD, Consultant Anaesthesia

Caroline Davies, MD, FRCS – Anaesthesia

Ujjwal Debnath, MD, FRCS

Marion Demillio, RN

Mary Dietz, CNMT

Conor Donohue, CNMT

Shaima El Nour, MD, FRCS – Anaesthesia

Mikhail Frenkel, CNMT

Patrick Gooing

Heather Greenberg, CNMT

Rachel Hunt, RN

Jane Holley, RN

Rachel Imber, RN

David Kelley – Medtronic

Priya Krishnan, MD, FRCS – Anaesthesia

Christian Kuntz, Globus Medical Rep

Denise Lawyer, RN

Hillary LeClair, CNMT

Kate Masters, RN

Andrea McAloose, RN

Collin McConnell

Jeff McConnell, MD

Sarah McMurtrie, RN

Hemang Mehta, MD, FRCS

Kinnari Mehta, MD, FRCS – Anaesthesia

Sharon Monahan, CRNP

Kerry Mulqueen, RN

Chelsea Naddeo, CNMT

Larry Nelson – Globus Medical Inc

Ripul Panchal, MD – Neurosurgeon

Christine Reber, CNMT

Bethan Salmon, RN

Neena Seth, MD, FRCS – Anaesthesia

Michael Tacca

Vijay Tambi, CNMT

Holly Tavianini, RN

Gareth Welch, RN

Daniel Welsh – Globus Medical Inc

Niko Wiesnet

Johanna Ziegler, CST

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