OSS Activities Report 2008

OSS Activities Report 2008

Arrival in Kolkata, on 25th Sept 08

Arrival of Ms Marian Barry on 26th Sept 08
(Sister in-charge from spinal operating theatres in St Thomas’ Hospital, London)

Collected her from the Kolkata airport by transport organised by Swami Sarvalokananda, Secy RKMSP

OPD Clinic on 26th Sept 08 at 10AM – 1PM

Booked five cases for surgery
1. 46Y/F for L4/5 decompression
2. 60Y/M Stable Grade 3 spondylolisthesis L5/S1
3. 40Y/F Stable Grade 2 spondylolisthesis L5/S1
4. 52Y/F Revision posterior fusion L4-S1 and decompression L5/S1
5. 19Y/M Thoracolumbar 50deg rt sided scoliosis

Booked two patients for injections

Visit to OR and introduced sister from London to theatre sisters and organised the theatre for 27th -30th Sept 08
Checked our donated Anaesthetics machine which is in operating condition
Collected all the Boxes containing disposables sent from US in Sept 08
Collected a yellow box containing instruments sent by Dr J R McConnell from US
Organised the required disposables for each case in individual bags
Collected last years remainder of disposables and organised them in packets

We got confirmation of arrival of BIOMET instruments and implants from US (SYNERGY Deformity set) and UK (SPINELINK Pedicle instrumentation set). The US sets required custom clearance which was initiated a week before my arrival. The sets sent from US had to be cleared by the RKMSP institute by depositing a sum of INR 52300 (approx USD 1200). These did not arrive till 30th Sept 08. Therefore they were not used. The UK sets arrived on 2nd Oct 08. Therefore they also remained unused.

The Secretary of the institute provided us with a large room for storage of these instruments and implant sets. Before my departure I organised to keep all these valuable donations from BIOMET and disposables from US in the room and secured it with new locks. The one set of keys are with me and the other set with the hospital matron.

Since our meeting on the 14th Sept 08 at Allentown and request to Mr Dave Kelly, Medtronics for providing me with implants for the revision and the other cases so that I can have a back up in case the BIOMET implants didn’t arrive in time. This was dealt locally by Mr Mainak Maitra from Medtronic since he recived directions from US/Delhi. But the set did not arrive until late on Monday 29th Sept 08. Therefore I had to cancel the two cases which were booked for 30th Sept 08 i.e. Case 3 and 5. I could only do the case 2 and case 4 with the help of restricted numbers of Medtronic screws and rods. I also got message from Delhi Medtronic chairman, Mr Pawan Arora that I am not allowed to use the implants for any other case other than the revision posterior fusion. But I had used them for two cases i.e. the revision case (case no 4) as well as the case no 2.

Following the successful surgical sessions on 30th Sept 08 we had a closing dinner in Taj Bengal. We also assessed all the requirements for our next visit in Mar 2009 when the whole team from US headed by Dr J R McConnell and from UK will be arriving. I have booked accommodation in the Tollygunj club this time since the feedback from Ms Marian Barry was good. I had emailed regarding this information to Dr McConnell on the 1st Oct 08. The booking is confirmed for 7th Mar to 19thMar 2009.

I had subsequently visited Delhi on the 2nd Oct 09 for Scoliosis Society meeting (International meet). I met Dr Munish Gupta, MD spine surgeon from Sacrameto who was the chairman of the Global Outreach programme from SRS. He suggested this to be put on the SRS site with the help of secretary Amy Miller. He also wished to come with us on one of our visits and help in operating. I gave our information to Ms Amy Miller who promised to put our organisation as one of the recognised outreach programme by SRS. There was good interest shown by other American surgeons as well. There were interest shown by the Indian Spine Surgeons who wish to come for symposium and live workshop during our visit in Mar 2009. I had tentatively mentioned for the date 14th Mar 2009 (Saturday).

Following my return I had followed up the cases which were operated upon. They all were discharged with alleviation of symptoms.

I also did a further clinic and assessed few cases for our next visit. 3 congenital scoliosis aged 3-5 years with progressive lumbar and thoraco-lumbar scoliosis due to hemivertebrae. There were three cases of idiopathic scoliosis (thoracic x 1 and thoraco-lumbar x2 including the cancelled case). There were at least 4 cases of spondylolisthesis. The doctor interested in the whole project and wished to be trained a s a Spine Surgeon Dr Abhisekh Das, MRCS had been of great help. He had assisted me in everything from the onset to the end. He has promised to follow-up the cases and also collects patients for our surgical workshop in Mar 2009.

Dr Tapas Chakraburtty supported as usual. Dr Bhubon Pal had active support and he scrubbed with me for the revision case.

Sister Marian Barry had been an excellent support throughout. She left for London on the 1st Oct 2008. She confirmed her safe arrival and is motivating her team to collect all the necessary things from London for our next trip in Mar 2009.

On 11th Oct before my departure I met Swami Sarvalokaknda and have given him my letter with the dates for our next trip. He is now prepared to talk and carry our project in the institute for longer term.

It was again a successful endeavour amidst confusion and chaos.


Yours sincerely,

(Ujjwal K Debnath)

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